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awaiting in egyptian style

It would be my "orange" @ photofriday but it took too long to dig up the file... even though it is still thursday photofriday is on the next week :(

From 1999, this is one of my all-time favorites...
Setup to take the picture was quite involved. Background is a door to closet, inside of the closet covered with black sheets and blankets. The door is barely wide enough, so some of the black background is added digitally.

Shot on film, exposure unrecored.



It is a view up through double-spiral staircase at chambord palace. It is claimed to be designed by Leonardo. Some natural light gets through a little dome on top.

Shot on film in 2000. Lens: Sigma 18-35. Camera: Canon Elan 2. Film: don't remember. Processing: curves (to get shadow detail) an color temperature (for cold look)



Yet another shot of somebody else's art against the sky... I guess I should look for something more original... or should I? If it looks interesting, it's all we need, isn't it?


Bridge of Glass

View of a glass sculpture at the bridge of glass in Tacoma. What might look like ice cubes is in fact enormous: http://www.chihuly.com/bridgeofglass/overview_01.html


port side of Mallory Todd

This and what follows are pictures from an afternoon sail on an antique sailboat on lake Washington. Most cruise pictures are of expensive waterfront houses and of people drinking beer... Mine are no exception, though I've resisted documenting estate of Bill Gates (perhaps not wisely, there were a couple of cute details). But the boat itself definitely has character.