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where am i?

With weather in Seattle not changing for two months I have to keep drawing images from indoors and from the trip to Japan last autumn. The later still has plenty of material that I keep discovering. I don't remember even seeing this one yet. It is one of passing street scenes which I too hundreds of, in hope of getting a few good ones. I don't think it is perfect but I do find it interesting. Is it?

Cropping: The original is bigger but I cropped it to have just enough face to create a mood but not too much to make it too personal. Somehow I feel that hidden-camera street scenes often look like "spy" pictures and make me feel uncomfortable... It is precisely what I was doing here though so I am trying two things to "unspy" the image - movement and cropping. Cropping in this case (moving is here too, at 1/25s but I don't think it helps).


flash experiment #1

As I often do, I was playing with my camera in a restaurant. This time I tried to bounce flash off random objects and see what happens. Forks, knives, wine glasses, napkins, candle holders - anything that can be put in the way of light was in the game... For this picture of Julia and Lera it was my finger.

Put the finger in front of the flash (0.5cm or so) so it is not completely closed but also there is no direct light from flash to the subject. I had better results in other shots (there is a strip of direct light at the bottom) but I find the actual picture more interesting than others.

Credit cards work well too (but I haven't tried that this time)... and #2 is not likely to be the next post (I may choose to wait for another restaurant to get one;)