barefoot 1

summer is close (some would say it is always summer here... certainly if you don't have 6 months of snow each year...
Feet are a sexy subject and I've got a few shots recently that look bloggish ;) it will be a mini-series...


bubble bath

I've tried a new thing with light and bubbles. I don't quite want to explain it yet... I don't think I have a picture that really would show off the effect, want to try more...
But I am not sure it needs an explanation ;)


spy photo 1

It could be really a spy photo, couldn't it?
It actually comes from our own bathroom where we've put an antique asian window, with a wooden grid of about 1cm thick. The 70mm F/2.8 lens was close enough to see through but still show the grid. In case the exif data doesn�t get saved with the image, the exposure was 1/2 seconds at 1600 ISO.