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Neodandi 1

We came to Neodandi's studio today... Julia tried a lot of pieces, and I took about 300 shots... His work is amazing! Really looking forward do getting something new made...


Julia at work

Almost two years ago, in the beginning of a really cool project that is about to finish this month... There will certainly be pictures of that work, maybe even here ;)



I am just starting playing with macro photography... This picture of Julia's ring (which we brough from Moscow) is taken witha full set of Kenko macro rings on Canon EOS 5D, with 50mm 1.4 at f11.

It is surprising how shallow depth of field is in macro! Even at f11 this is barely in focus. I tried same at 1.4 - then you really have to pick what you want in focus...


sumo match

Yes, I had a chance to visit a real match of Sumo championship when stopping for a day in Tokyo on my way back from Beijing! It really is amazing, and it would not be nearly as a dramatic experience if I weren't there with Peter who knows everything about this sport :) Thank you Peter!



the wall #3

20070916 The same picture as previous, but with just a bit more contrast and color. does it make a difference?


the wall #1


kite Tiananmen Square

20070913 these kites are amazing. they fly really high, with almost no wind, and they do pretty complicated maneuvers with just a single string attached... no radio ;)

chinese starbucks

... no, not the one in forbidden city. that one was already closed... but i saw the building, it looks exactly same...


curly fireworks

this is what happens when you try shooting fireworks without a real, heavy tripod. gorilla grips is not made for this. but you may get something unexpected...


taxi ride, new york


20070801 absinthe burning

they know how to have good time in Prague :)

julia (in prague)

20070729 Picture from a Prague hotel, last year.

Converted to B&W with Picasa's "filtered B&W", with red filter. That gave me softer tones that I was looking for.

(taking red layer in photoshop would have pretty much same result...)


20070705 last picture from Mexico...
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drama class performance (december 2006)

20070706 This picture was sitting in my "maybe publish sometime" folder for a while... If i would ever publish it, why not now?

It is from final performance of Lera's drama class last winter. A newer pictures from summer drama class will follow...

night walk (tulum, mexico)


swinging ghost

20070703 a swing in a restaurant on Mexican beach...


20070702 these birds just hang in the air, in the breese coming from the sea. It is amazing to watch - they are not moving at all, not moving their wings, just slide slowly from side to side, watching for food...

last winter in Mexico...

20070701 ... a blog is a blog when it has updates ;) I'll try to get into habig of posting more often than once a month...

This is from the last vacation in Tulum, a couple of hours south from Cancun. I know, it's a cheesy sunset shot, but it brings back the feeling of warm fresh air and water...



My blog was stuck with no updates for 4 months because of a stupid accidental change in database settings... Now it is back, hopefully, and I can add pictures...




I haven't posted for 2 months... Really busy recently, no new pictures :(
This is about a year old, from one of Musa gallery parties.
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Now that the site works again I am off looking for a theme. Got to have one.
This is not the new theme, that I know for sure ;)

Shot at a walk in Discovery Park last summer. Posted by Picasa


sailing not far

Another picture of a small bunch I took over vacation in Mexico, near Cancun... This boat was on the beach for all two weeks we were there. It is a mistery for me what it is doing there...


sunny seattle


This should resume somewhat regular posts on my blog... Just fixed the posting system after Picasa changed layout of published files. Posted by Picasa