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walk on the beach

After all I didn't take that many pictures in Mexico. It really feels too much effort to pick up the big camera when you can sit on a beach, read a book and not worry about anything for a few days...


dance 4


Final picture of the improvised dance series. Posted really sleepy, in anticipation of sweet 3 hours of sleep before getting up at 4:30 in the morning and taking an Alaska Airlines flight to Cancun tomorrow... Oh my life is so tough...

dance 3

well, it is not a kind of dance :)

dance 2


Lera loves dancing. And I love pictures not staged :)

dance 1


rap singer 4

rap singer 5


end of the mini series...

Augustus (if i can remember names after four months...) if you'd like to use any of these square picures as CS coveres I will not mind :)

rap singer 3


rap singer 2


second picture of five

rap singer 1


I havent't posted picures for a while... Many excuses are involved (just in case you care;) - work (figuring out what to do about IE8), hobby (redoing this site to be more CSS and less Netscape quirks mode), travel (so much fun at euro photobloggers meetup at amsterdam, then a surreal trip to moscow), and more...

this is a fun series. I had really good time with in a company of rap singers at a friends housewarming party. This is not a music blog but I can say it really affected how I listen... these guys are so cool ;)

this mini series has pictures of a rap singer called Augustus (if I can remember names from this August). It was so much fun meeting him. And I will hear much more rap music now;)


Lenin in Fremont


No, I have no plans to collect pictures of Lenin, or any other revolutionary. I am just always amazed how creatively the statue in Fremont is decorated every year...

In case you don't live in Seattle... The statue is not here for any political reason. It was privately exported from Czech republic in 80's and put on sale. It's not easy to sell though ;) Price tag is $250,000 and it is still for sale...