It is a common scene in Tokyo. Hard to believe, but we've seen more camera crews, fashion shoots, street interviews in 10 days in Tokyo than in the rest of our lives (and we are not teenagers;). And for a group of four to get interviewed and/or filmed by some professional-looking team 3 times feels also somewhat unusual... I know, they thought I am Brad Pitt;)... But wait a minute... yes, Polina and Julia were the bait! Japanese just know the cool designers when they see them...



From this weekend's trip to Lopez Island, taken while waiting for the ferry. Lera has makeup freshly applied from her makup kit...



Don't worry, the car is not moving...

bar ghosts (by Polina)


One of the pictures where I didn't push the button. It is on my camera though and I did some editing ;)

green wave 1


Another entry for the foot series... A bit more subtle this time;)

We had a walk in Discovery park in Seattle last week. There were so much seaweed in the water the waves were literally green. I thought it looks cool, have a few more pictures, will post an even greener shot later...



Another street performance, far away from the previous one...
At Saturday market on Lopez Island, Washington.




The last image from Prague that was in my queue. I may find some more, I'll keep returning to the archive. It is time to get back to current events though. Summer pictures from around Seattle may be generally boring but I have hundreds of these, there must be little gold nuggets hidden in these folders ;)



Another shot from Prague. There was some touching tension in the couple, their movements... I made a few candid shots... Full-color version has too much distraction to my taste though, I find that B&W or desaturated colors help...


one-way stairs


(I am a week behind posting, was quite busy at work. About time to catch up.

I still have some pictures from Prague that I kept in the queue, now I have space to post them all at once.

BTW I do post backward. Today is actually August 6 but I prefer posting back rather than posting forward - that leaves options open in case there is a really good new picture... Time-machine effect of a picture posted earlier than taken doesn't bother me ;)

This flight of stairs is in Prague. It has this funny traffic light that you push on one side before coming up or down. It becomes red on the other side while you are in the one-way street...