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walk on the beach

After all I didn't take that many pictures in Mexico. It really feels too much effort to pick up the big camera when you can sit on a beach, read a book and not worry about anything for a few days...


dance 4


Final picture of the improvised dance series. Posted really sleepy, in anticipation of sweet 3 hours of sleep before getting up at 4:30 in the morning and taking an Alaska Airlines flight to Cancun tomorrow... Oh my life is so tough...

dance 3

well, it is not a kind of dance :)

dance 2


Lera loves dancing. And I love pictures not staged :)

dance 1


rap singer 4

rap singer 5


end of the mini series...

Augustus (if i can remember names after four months...) if you'd like to use any of these square picures as CS coveres I will not mind :)

rap singer 3


rap singer 2


second picture of five

rap singer 1


I havent't posted picures for a while... Many excuses are involved (just in case you care;) - work (figuring out what to do about IE8), hobby (redoing this site to be more CSS and less Netscape quirks mode), travel (so much fun at euro photobloggers meetup at amsterdam, then a surreal trip to moscow), and more...

this is a fun series. I had really good time with in a company of rap singers at a friends housewarming party. This is not a music blog but I can say it really affected how I listen... these guys are so cool ;)

this mini series has pictures of a rap singer called Augustus (if I can remember names from this August). It was so much fun meeting him. And I will hear much more rap music now;)


Lenin in Fremont


No, I have no plans to collect pictures of Lenin, or any other revolutionary. I am just always amazed how creatively the statue in Fremont is decorated every year...

In case you don't live in Seattle... The statue is not here for any political reason. It was privately exported from Czech republic in 80's and put on sale. It's not easy to sell though ;) Price tag is $250,000 and it is still for sale...


lenin and me


I conclude my Moscow pictures with a picture of myself with Lenin impersonator near Red Square ;)



... it is in Moscow too...



... at Moscow subway...

No, heads are not cropped on purpose. I think it would be a much better picture if they weren�t. But shot from hip, it just happened that way. So count it as an idea to work on...

subway entrance to the right


a club in moscow


which flag?


Does the boy look a bit confused? I am confused too. The red flags stand for the USSR, a country that doesn�t exist for 14 years or so. The red, blue and white is the flag of Russia.

But it is always like this in Moscow. Red Square and of course Lenin�s mausoleum are symbolic for old-fashioned communists. You can see somebody with a red flag any time. Who am I to judge them? I smoke the same stuff when I was at school...


I asked a girl to pose for me at the Red Square. Red hair went with the theme... The passing officer seems symbolic too, although really, it is not the idea I was after. There is crazy stuff going on in Russia, but it doesn�t feel like a police state, not any more. Trust what I say, not what you see ;)

red light district


Gates to the Kremlin from the Red Square. This is not the entrance the president drives through (that's on the other side). Tourists don't come from this side either. If I remember things, these doors are ceremonial, or for really important people to come in...

red square

I really had to put up something from the Red Square. In part it was why the trip felt surreal - I didn't see it for the first 3 days. Just like not seeing Big Ben, or Eiffel Tower... are you really in the city you were going to?

Not that I like this picture, really, but it is the best shot I have at something recognizable from there...

formerly known as hotel "moscow"




A window at a Moscow street just captured me by multiple layers of windows...



titanic, moscow


Models: Zhenia (my sister) and Nikolai (my cousin).
Location: temporary bridge over Leningradskii Prospekt, Moscow



I stayed at a hotel "Aerostar", at the hub connecting bus service and airlines. You can check in to any of the city's 5 airports right there and get to the flight on another bus. Don't ask why I ended up there (OK, ask but that's a longer story;). It was perhaps the most surreal travel experience so far. But surreal it was, realizing wild contrasts in a city that claims to be the most expensive anywhere...

That "traveler" here is my cousin Nikolai, walking me to the hotel.



Next to the Red Square...
I tried a couple of different settings - pretty slow speed, to make the water blur, and really fast, to make it stop in the air... I liked the latter. This one is at 1/1000.

fly alex


I have no idea what the ad is for but it was encouraging ;)


last night @ photoblogger meetup


This will be my last picture for long overdue report from Euro photoblogger meetup this September... There is no good excuse for ignoring my photobog for a while but I was quite busy on my new job, in addition to what usually happes after a 2-week trip (why fly to Europe for a weekend? I was in Moscow for another week, some pictures from there to follow...)

This is the last night of the meetup. Fredrik (of smudo.org) is not loosin an opportunity to take more night pictures with his huge tripod (he has already posted some very cool ones from that night!) and we all having good time there.

Amsterdam was a really fun place to meet, thank you Dutch photobloggers for makin it happen!




It is a lovely tradition in Amsterdam to put a matress or two outside a bar window and have the best of both worlds in a good weather! On my last day in Amsterdam I just couldn't resist to ask a company of strangers if I could take a picture... If you are in the picture, say hi ;)

rain in amsterdam




Chrys (of exposur3.com) through his TLR with which he takes these really cool pictures


bird house

The cool red birdhouse looked interesting (and not unnoticed by all photobloggers on Amsterdam stroll:)... It was a little too far though and I don't own a telephoto lens so I tried something different. I put a really wide angle on (12mm) and jumped to get a different perspective. Here is what I've got.

The data:

  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D
  • Lens: Sigma 12-14 @ 12mm
  • 1/60
  • f/6.3
  • ISO 1600

bicyclist in pink sweater


After countless shots of girls on bicycles (really, call me crazy but that's all I could see for the first few days:) I had this one and I felt this is the best bicycle shot I had from Amstermdam right after I took it... I didn't have any idea how blurred it would be, but it was late enough and dark enough that it really became just pink mist...

color coordinated bicycles: black


I didn't quite expect black to even be in this series but it just was there - big black barge with a small black bicycle in the garden...

color coordinated bicycles: purple


Time to actually post something from Amsterdam...

First things first. For first few days it is just hard not to just see bicycles all around you... And I have a "color coordinated bicycles" series to continue ;) I have to get all colors now... There was blue and red. This is third, purple...


back online...


Two weeks of travel + upgraded Picasa can no longer post to my blog. I finally have figured out the software steps to post, so pictures from Amsterdam and from Moscow are coming shortly...

This one is out of order, taken yesterday (10/13) and posted back via time-machine to leave space for the backlog of pictures:)

The portrait is from a series from Lera dance improvisation, very low light many pictures with motion blur, there will be a few more from the series...



Lynn pointed at the bike with parking tags. It is so Amsterdam! And girls in a passing boat too...

It takes a lot of time to get over the first impression and stop seeing what every tourist sees. I would just walk past the bike. I may not get over it before I leave...


alki beach bbq


at flickr meetup, alki beach bbq competietion. it also happened to be a bbq competition at alki beach...