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river 2

I first posted a slightly different version but I was unhappy enough with how I cropped it that I replaced it with a different one. I guess my blog is not "how to" enough to the first one is no longer a first-class post.

This is what I wrote when adding a better crop:

"I don't know what I was thinking. The shades and colors looked interesting but there was something distracting on the edges. Not that I didn't crop carefully - but did I look at a wrong part of the picture? Or was the last one better? Or perhaps whatever, it's just water?..."

Really, who cares? I am done with this one!


kill bill vol.3

someone subscribing to my RSS feed (or refreshing my site really often, which would probably be just me;) could have noticed that today's picture started same as yesterdays and then changes to something random. I am clueless so far what's going on. The site is in the process of being upgraded to new version of ASP.Net. Once that is done I will consider a more reliable upload system...


3 explorers

I am yet to process and post pictures from Milan and Prague. I've got some material to choose from. I like to post the newest stuff first though and I've got a few pictures from camping and hiking to Ice Caves last weekend.

Lera, Vera and Peter really like to pose. I don't even direct anything. Show up with a camera and they will line up!


Pasci (of pasci.it)

I really like Pasci's work (www.pasci.it) so it was very cool that I had a chance to meet him in person while on a trip to Milan. He is so much fun to talk to! We had two fantastic evenings in bars of Milan (happy hour there runs from about 6pm to midnight ;)

Here Pasci is explaining to my wife Julia some of the complex technical details of working with lingerie models...

antique glass


I don't quite understand how this worked but these were used for storing leeches. Supposedly they crawl up the glass inserts in the bottles so the doctor can easily pick them up.

From pharmacy museum in Prague.


barefoot 5

Summer series continues...

This is in fact tonight (last night, but I've posted yesterday morning so too late to post back...).

It looks quite magic to me, too much so to explain when, what and why...


hot date in italy

Right after the first Italian game of the World Cup we stop at a small bar in Navigly in Milano. Watcthing the game with a crowd of Italians was fun too. My strongest impression - the TV signal has different delays on different channels or services. When you walk down the street you can hear screams from one bar, then run to another and still see it live! I counted the difference in signal delay, it was about 6 seconds...

cubist stairwell

Back from the trip to Milan and Prague. I have some new material now to keep this blog alive:)

There is something in spiral stairs . People used to really have fun building them... This one is in historic cubist-style building in Prague (now Czech Cubism Museum), a.k.a. �Black Madonna House �.

Somehow my conversion from RAW to TIFF to JPEG doesn't carry along EXIF data. This is shot at ISO 1600, 1/60, f/4, Canon 5D with 28-70L zoom at 35mm.


prague reflection

This is the first picture I post from visit to Prague and the only one I can post while still here (going back tomorrow). The image is what you can expect - reflection at waterfront, of a restaurant in an old building. I didn't quite expect the result though. It feels Kafka-esque... Or perhaps I am still under influence of the city?


italy rocks!


Italians won the first game in World Cup. Not that anybody had any doubts but it really is fun to see fans of a winning team:) At their home soil in particular (Milano today)...


in the streets of Milano


This is first day in Milano! We were trying to stay up as late as possible (and the latest possible was 5pm...). so I didn't get to take too many pictures. this seems to capture what the street feels like...


buddha's hand

he is enormous. the fingers picutred are about the size of an adult human.
i am a not a buddhist (at least not formally) but I can't resist admiring the purity of this religion - belief in existense of Buddha is not that important to achieving the same state of enlightment...

the picture is from Nara, Japan, with a bronse Buddha which was the biggest in the world for centuries. buddhist or not, it gets you on a philosopical page...

i'll be away for a couple of weeks, visiting Milano and Prague. hope to get time for new pictures ;)


seventh heaven

This is Nikita, snowboarding this season, at the top of 7th Heaven at Blackcomb.

A bit off topic of bare feet:) But it isn't that far into the archive. It is middle of April, still high season at Whistler. Global warming is here, but skiing in Canada is still open year around!