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wii are snowed in


a different white storm, far away...

it looks like i've never posted pictures from burning man to the photoblog... well, i have some of that :) and some more in my archives that could be here. good time to post some...

this one is from dust storm the last day of burning man 2008. niilartey and i actually got lost there... a bit scary, but really an amazing experience. very surreal...

still snowed in...





guess where is this?

Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans! Very touristy -- and very New Orleans :)


river in moscow

20080423 I am yet to figure out landscapes with Lensbaby... There is a potential, I know, but I am not quite there...

I believe this river's name is Likhoborka, which is a name that implies something dangerous... not all that dangerous now, and there is a new church nearby (perfectly not in foucus)...

my sister







Lensbaby goes to Moscow

I had no chance yet to sort the pictures from vacation in Japan, but I decided to first go through pictures from Moscow (mostly because there are fewer of those...)

I don't think this one can be used as a proof that lensbaby pictures are actually better for everything, but I will keep experimenting... There are so many perfect picture of this that another one just doesn't seem very exciting...


in japan

I brought about 2000 shots from Japan, nearly everything taken wiht Lensbaby. It will be fun to get through!

I will still be travelling for another week though, and then I expect to be quite busy when I get back :( ... Hopefully I can publish more while the pictures are still reasonably fresh...

This is Marina, daughter of my friends in Tokyo.
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reflection #7


photoshoot in vegas

selective focus

20080320 lensbaby is so much fun! and the most fun is the selective focus part - only one thing can be in focus at a time, you have to choose carefully!

red shoes

20080319 you can give your feet a break sometimes... they deserve it...



I just discovered a whole class of pictures (which probably is well known to others). Having a high-ISO camera (mine works well at 1600) and an f/2 lens, I can use somebody else's autofocus beam as a source of light!