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green in blue

This really looked as it is pictured. Tuning is pretty much just cropping and adjusting levels to be a little darker. I wonder if the composition gets a bit too much but it was cool to see plants, reflections and underwater in one shot...

shot on film in 2001, little is recorded about this shot. Most likely film was slide.


bumper magic

It is a reflection in a shiny bumper at a classic car show. The original was a much larger image but with all the advantages of a small camera there is one problem - it is pretty much impossible to frame while shooting... So this is heavily cropped (7 megapixels are not a waste of space;) and tuned for dramatic blue.



... on a freshly painted deck were huge and surreal. B&W conversion with red filter to show some wood grain


grizzly (by Miri)

Grizzly bear is quite dangerous. Miri really risked her life getting close for a shot in wild forest near Vancouver, BC...


cash register (by Miri)

Miri used night-mode flash... and of course a carefully aged prop for this surreal look



another picture from archive... somehow I feel I could tell by the colors... or was jpeg different then?
Fountain at St.Peters square in Vatican, shot on film in January 1995, no data recorded. I don't remember which half of the picture picture is real either, I think the left.


a bug's view of the sky

I looked for a way to make it really surreal but simple tricks like filtered b&w aren't that interesting here. Perhaps simulated infrared is something to try. Meanwhile this is pretty much as-is, with a little saturation added.




Not much time I have spent in London but I love it. This is my favorite picture from there, today must be the right time to post it... There is no hidden symbolics here, it is exactly as shot and tuned five years ago...

Shot on film, I may or may not have techincal details. Exposure I believe is about 1/4 to 1/8 of a second.



This picture of Lera is actually not mine. It is by Igor or Polina. I was too close for a good shot (a way to say I was not looking where I should have...).
Cropped, very little curve tuning, added soft focus.



One of the first test shots with the new SD500. Exif will be seen when I figure out the code to show it. Data that matters: 0.6s, f/2.8, flash in night mode


nikita and a cairn

It turns out "cairn" is the name for "a mound of stones erected as a memorial or marker".
The color version of this picture looked really out of balance with green background at almoust half of the picture and gray foreground. I've tuned levels (contrast) while still in color, then made it B&W with red filter.

...no fireworks pictures for July 4 - we were at home (first time in a long time); we can see two sets of fireworks on lake Washington but they are not close enough for a good picture...


oktoberfest in july

I have this sharp shot and a really blurred version too. By all (or most) counts this one is better but a rebel in me tells me "why not? this is a photoblog, you've got to put blurred pictures here!"

Well, some other time...

oktoberfest in july


running water

from a hike to "bathing stone", this is at a waterfall which name I will look up and add to the title...