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Shot from underneath with a wide angle, it messes up sense of scale doesn't it? As the leaf is pretty thick not that much light was getting through in reality. A huge boost of fill light and contrast is added digitally. Flares are 100% real though ;)



This is an old picture (shot on film in summer of 2000). It is a piece of Stravinsky fountain in Paris. The image is heavily adjusted in photoshop - I don't recall what exactly I do remember it was hard to get the sculpture to stand out against the background of similar color. The day was overcast too so more saturation helps...


blue on blue

It is not a passport, it is a Buddist brochure in a Thai restaurant. Shades of blue looked pretty interesting together (as they found each other "naturally", without being staged in any way). I just wish I had it not blurred (it was late in the day though and not much daylight left)...


Empty space

while we were walking in Ballard (today!) Julia has spotted a large empty space being rebuilt for a new store. "What a cool light!" she said. I agreed and pressed the camera to the window to avoid any reflections.

There is very little postprocessing here. Contrast bumped up a bit and a little cropping.


Flamenco 3

I try not to do series but I just can't resist here... In about 150 pictures from one night, there are som many details and motion shots to play with...

This red light is pretty much natural light of the scene. I did change contrast significantly though, to the point where faces will disappear if I go any further.



Dancer at El Arenal in Sevilla. The "natural" light is red. I am not convinced B&W is the best way to show it but it does reveal more texture. I may play more with it and post another version...


art at seattle center

The installation is actually vertical - it is a set of yellow steel strips about 6 meters tall. It looks cooler upside down though...


rockefeller center

I actually have two pictures which I wanted to stich for a taller image. will get back to it later...



This is a dome at Sevilla palace. The original shot includes the whole dome but i find it more interesting cropped - it shows more detail and brings the eye to off-center details...


self portrait in the air

This is what it feels like in an open-cockpit biplane... It is not gravity that pulls my cheeks back, it is the air from the propeller!


Landing at Boeing Field

... and this is what landing looks like from a pilot's point of view. I am in the pilot seat of the biplane (but no, I am not driving...)


Seattle from air

Nikita and I took a ride last September in an ancient biplane (http://www.oldethymeaviation.com) from museum of flight and around Seattle. Very cool experience! So different from peeking through a tiny side window...


Mont Blanc

Let's start with something simple. And not attempt to establish any kind of standard ;) For pure art, I am a believer in purity being defined by its opposite. Expect blurred shots and sunset pictures in this blog.

photoblog begins here

Of all photo art on the net, I've always found photoblogs the most exciting. Now, this is the beginning of mine. For a sense of continuity, the previous attempt on photography publishing (now so unexciting, comparatively – in presentation, not its historic significance) will reside forever at http://www.mogilevsky.com/Gallery

I am yet to figure out how a photoblog (the highest form of visual art as far as I am concerned as the observer of other people’s work…) and a conventional blog (a place for random thoughts and information, which I don’t have a habit of widely sharing, though I am getting to learn the convenience of dumping ground of stuff to find later – at http://www.mogilevsky.com/Alex). The latter will likely stay unattended and unloved till I grow old and consider every little though of mine precious.

Now, on what the photoblog is about to become:
This page is the “source” blog. It us a real blog of course, with its history, archive and permalinks, but the gallery-feel maximum-coolness photoblog will be generated by an asp.net on same server. The photoblog page will check this source blog when served, pick up any new arrivals and produce a page with appropriate next/previous links and history
I’ll use SQL database for organizing pictures in monthly albums and to provide search by keywords
Pictures will be available in a few different sizes, resized on demand from the original “large” size in this blog

Ok, this is a start, let’s add pictures…