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us, by Pasci


This is another one by Pasci (www.pasci.it ). Obviously I didn't take the picture J

For some reason I like this one. Perhaps it isn�t in style to post oneself... But why not? After all this is a visual blog, things I see and want to share...


Milano street picture, by Pasci

I brought back from Milano a number of pictures taken by Pasci (www.pasci.it) on my camera. I really like this one... There is an untold story here, so much to imagine...

Pretty much no cropping, this is the way it is...

With Pasci's permission, of course.


kafka's stairs


It is in Kafka's museum in Prague. The whole space is surreal, as is his life story...


ice cave


happy birthday!

The picture is from Polina's birthday of about 3 weeks ago. But today is my father's birthday, fits the theme...

color coordinated bicycles - red


When you walk around Milan every once in a while you see a girl in a red dress and red shoes, riding a red bicycle with a red basket on it... Or perhaps it is the same girl?

color coordinated bicycles - green


It is Milan, everything has to match!




Best shots are not always planned. They are not accidental either...



As about everywhere bars are becoming non-smoking so the crowd spills outside for a smoke... In particular in the break of a football game (this was the first game of the world cup by Italian team, against Ghana).

Don't be confused by a Greek flag. It is on a Greek restaurant. It is in Milan, Italy.



It is about time to start posting some pictures from the last trip...

This is in Bhangrabar in Milan - one of popular bars there, with Inidian theme, music and food. It was our favorite. Drinks are interesting, with ingredients like Cardamom liquor; and "happy hour" food is delicious. Happy hour in Milan goes from about 6 to midnight so having real dinner requires dedication...