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taxi ride, new york


20070801 absinthe burning

they know how to have good time in Prague :)

julia (in prague)

20070729 Picture from a Prague hotel, last year.

Converted to B&W with Picasa's "filtered B&W", with red filter. That gave me softer tones that I was looking for.

(taking red layer in photoshop would have pretty much same result...)


20070705 last picture from Mexico...
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drama class performance (december 2006)

20070706 This picture was sitting in my "maybe publish sometime" folder for a while... If i would ever publish it, why not now?

It is from final performance of Lera's drama class last winter. A newer pictures from summer drama class will follow...

night walk (tulum, mexico)


swinging ghost

20070703 a swing in a restaurant on Mexican beach...


20070702 these birds just hang in the air, in the breese coming from the sea. It is amazing to watch - they are not moving at all, not moving their wings, just slide slowly from side to side, watching for food...

last winter in Mexico...

20070701 ... a blog is a blog when it has updates ;) I'll try to get into habig of posting more often than once a month...

This is from the last vacation in Tulum, a couple of hours south from Cancun. I know, it's a cheesy sunset shot, but it brings back the feeling of warm fresh air and water...