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'O-CUE-LUS' as in oculus, Latin for eye...

This photoblog has started around 2004. I was in search of the best presentation for an online gallery and the model of photoblogs (relatively new at the time) seemed perfect. I still don't know of a better way to present photography it its most real sense – capturing reality (and fantasy too), one image at a time. I’ve looked everywhere... if you think you have a better idea, tell me :)

Now I think it became a life story in pictures, regardless of how I try to stay off focus... It is not documentary in a literal sense but the choice of picture today may tell more about what's happening and what's on my mind than I realize :) I guess it's my eye into the world...

I grew up in Novosibirsk, Russia while Iron Curtain was still up and looked solid (that's why I love to travel). I now leave in Seattle, enjoying the rain and the few days a year without it...

My day job is not photography. I write software for a large company, dealing every day with cogs and lubricants that keep the web running... I guess I don't get enough of it at work so I spend way more time on this site's code than I should be spending on the pictures. If you are curious about how this works, ask ;)

All pictures on this photoblog are mine (except where noted otherwise). I usually don't sell pictures but you can use them for free if you give me credit.

My other sites and pictures are linked from http://www.mogilevsky.com/

Enjoy and stay in touch.

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