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Of all photo art on the net, I've always found photoblogs the most exciting. Now, this is the beginning of mine. For a sense of continuity, the previous attempt on photography publishing (now so unexciting, comparatively – in presentation, not its historic significance) will reside forever at http://www.mogilevsky.com/Gallery

I am yet to figure out how a photoblog (the highest form of visual art as far as I am concerned as the observer of other people’s work…) and a conventional blog (a place for random thoughts and information, which I don’t have a habit of widely sharing, though I am getting to learn the convenience of dumping ground of stuff to find later – at http://www.mogilevsky.com/Alex). The latter will likely stay unattended and unloved till I grow old and consider every little though of mine precious.

Now, on what the photoblog is about to become:
This page is the “source” blog. It us a real blog of course, with its history, archive and permalinks, but the gallery-feel maximum-coolness photoblog will be generated by an asp.net on same server. The photoblog page will check this source blog when served, pick up any new arrivals and produce a page with appropriate next/previous links and history
I’ll use SQL database for organizing pictures in monthly albums and to provide search by keywords
Pictures will be available in a few different sizes, resized on demand from the original “large” size in this blog

Ok, this is a start, let’s add pictures…

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