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With weather in Seattle not changing for two months I have to keep drawing images from indoors and from the trip to Japan last autumn. The later still has plenty of material that I keep discovering. I don't remember even seeing this one yet. It is one of passing street scenes which I too hundreds of, in hope of getting a few good ones. I don't think it is perfect but I do find it interesting. Is it?

Cropping: The original is bigger but I cropped it to have just enough face to create a mood but not too much to make it too personal. Somehow I feel that hidden-camera street scenes often look like "spy" pictures and make me feel uncomfortable... It is precisely what I was doing here though so I am trying two things to "unspy" the image - movement and cropping. Cropping in this case (moving is here too, at 1/25s but I don't think it helps).

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