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Same date and place as the previous shot... Although I've never published this one, I think they kind of belong together. There is a reason I haven't published it - I think it was a bit too straightforward in its original form. It may still be ;)
For more antique look, I've desaturated the colors to the point of almost black and white, then added a little contrast.
I tried playing with cropping too. It is way into the center, which I normally try to avoid. But when I cropped either side I liked it less. I think because the tractor is in fact not the main subject here... Is it?
  • Camera: Canon EOS A2
  • Lens: Canon USM 28-105, polarizer
  • Exposure: unrecorded, handheld
  • Film: Fujichrome 100
  • Digital editing: saturation, contrast

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