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merry-go-round in red and white

This is my selection from the walk in Seattle center on my first meeting with Seattle photobloggers. Four of us walked around in a cold cloudy afternoon... Clouds on Space Needle looked promising at first but changed to simply depressing when we arrived;)

In this picture I liked the composition (well, sort of) but the colors were not bright enough to make it fun and not subtle enough to not interfere with the shapes. So I stared with Photoshop: made color-range selection on dark-red color picked from one of the lamps, gave it a generous fuzziness of 100 to select most reds in the picture, bumped saturation for the reds, then inverted the selection and toned down saturation of the rest to almost nothing. Then in Picasa, tuned highlights to make the sky white (instead of realistic gray) and added the glow effect (which didn't make that much a difference, but smoothed the grain a little bit)

Original taken with Cannon SD500, ISO 400, 1/400s, f/13.

Mark has posted some cool pictures of us taking pictures - here

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